Due to urbanisation, rising living standards and the arrival of two billion new earth dwellers, over the next 40 years we will be building more than 230 billion square metres of new housing, equivalent to the city of Paris every week.

The construction industry is one of the world's largest industries in terms of employees, turnover and impact, but not in the forefront when it comes to disruption or speed of innovation. To overcome this global construction crisis, a dramatic transformation to a digital, industrial and sustainable way of working must take place.

Sustainer exists to accelerate this transformation by digitally integrating the building chain around a standardised, industrial building system. For a more sustainable and beautiful living environment - and fast.

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Be Collaborative

We have a holistic approach to building and know we have to work together with our partners to reach our collective goals.

The same goes for our teams; we treat each other with love and respect, just as we would with close friends.

Be Curious

We try new things, experiment and analyse. Along the way we aren’t afraid to reevaluate and believe that the best solution is still out there. We learn from those around us to constantly grow.


We take pride in being our true, unconventional (nerdy) selves. We believe that every person matters and adds to the team. We are courageous in making unconventional decisions and convinced that the details can make a huge difference.

"Dit bedrijf is over 5 jaar groter dan BAM."

Jan Willem van de Groep

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